It’s important that you select a property that is suitable for your needs and also meets your budget.
You will be required to fill out an application form that will require certain documentation to back up your application.

Each person applying for the property will need to fill out a separate application

Make sure that the content of the application is legible and factual. Supporting documentation must be attached, and it is recommended that copies are provided not originals.

It make take up to 48 hours to process an application as reference checks will be made to those persons noted on your application.

Once your application has been processed and suitability of your application is assessed, those recommendations will be conveyed to the landlord for final approval.

The landlord will make the final decision on who will be renting their property, not the agent.

Application forms are available to be downloaded from our website, we are also happy to offer assistance with the completion of these forms if necessary.


When you make application for a property and have been accepted by the landlord you will be required to sign a legal document called a Tenancy Agreement.
This document sets out certain rights and obligations to you as the tenant and also to the landlord.
It’s really important that you read and understand this before you sign your lease.

You will need to make an appointment prior to the lease signing for this purpose.

On the day of your lease signing we will go through the Tenancy Agreement with you so if you have any questions they can be clarified and understood.

Once your appointment has been made you will be given confirmation of the time and date of the lease signing, and also what you will be required to bring with you on the day.